"Couples who make time to sit down together and evaluate their relationship regularly are able to identify problems before they become irresolvable."
The Wall Street Journal

The Relationship Check-up allows you and your partner to talk about how your relationship is going, set goals, and clear things out.  It takes less than 10 minutes.
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We chat, touch base, or check in regularly about what’s going on in our separate day-to-day lives. *

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We don’t clearly and effectively communicate our wants and needs to each other. *

We are unhappy with our sex life. *

We tend to disagree more than agree when it comes to money issues. *

Work stress can be an issue for us. *

Identify one thing in your marriage you would like to improve. (Example: Talk more over dinner.) *

You want to {{answer_13430399}}. Great! In a few words, describe how you and {{answer_13479273}} will accomplish this ? *

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Experts advice doing relationship check-ups every 2 to 4 weeks.
Sign off with a positive goal. (Example: “Susan, I we will make more time for each other. Love, Steve.”) *

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